Excursion to Mini Hollywood – Oasys Park from Roquetas de Mar, Almeria


Excursion to Mini Hollywood – Oasys Park from Roquetas de Mar, Almeria



SPAIN, Roquetas de Mar

Returning City

SPAIN, Roquetas de Mar

Number of HOURS

8 - 9 h aprox.

Meeting point

Hotel or place agreed with clients


Wednesday, Saturday

PRICE in Euros


Description: Excursion to Mini Hollywood – Oasys Park from Roquetas de Mar, Almeria

An excursion to Mini Hollywood from Roquetas de Mar with English speaking guides. Coach trip to the famous and unique “Desert of Tabernas” for a visit to the Theme Park of the Wild West, Parque Oasys (formerly called Mini Hollywood). Enjoy an unforgettable day in the Wild West, with different shows, visit the zoo, chill out by the swimmingpools, bars…… and always surrounded by cowboys, outlaws and gunmen…. and lots of action!!!

Departure at the indicated time from Roquetas de Mar with destination The Desert of Tabernas. A visit to the thematic park Parque Oasys (formerly called Mini Hollywood). Come and visit together with us the impressive countryside of the Desert of Tabernas. Join us to the “Wild and Far West”. Enjoy a great day, and visit the Saloon, the Sheriff’s office, the bank…. and most certainly also the Animal Park, with a large variety of animals, and, why not, the swimmingpool or the restaurants of the Park. Every day there are live shows where the hard life in the Wild West is remembered, with a bank robbery or an attack on the stagecoach, and where the Sheriff shows his authority. An unforgettable experience for all ages, in the rough landscape of Tabernas. In the afternoon we return to the hotels. Arrival at Roquetas de Mar and the end of our service.

Departure days:

Wednesday, Saturday

Included in our prices:

– Travel insurance
– Transport by modern coach with air conditioning system
– English speaking tour guide during the ride to Tabernas.
– Entrance tickets to Mini Hollywood Oasys (western village, animal reserve and shows)
– Map-guide leaflet of the theme park

Price details

ADULTfrom 52 €
CHILD (3 – 11 years)from 39 €

More information about Oasys - Mini Hollywood


Parque Oasys is the most original Theme Park of the Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with live shows that imitate life in the Far West, real film-specialists and sympathetic Can Can dancers, the Museum of Film history (one of the best in Spain) and a Museum of Carriages and Stagecoaches.

In the middle of this impressive landscape of the Desert of Tabernas this cowboy village reminds of the Wild and Far West of America. In the sixties and seventies famous directors came under the spell of this natural scene and decided to make their films here. Famous films were made here, such as The Good, The Bad and the UglyLawrence of ArabiaFor A Fistful of Dollars and Once Upon A Time, amongst others. Also, scenes for the films Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 2001-A Space Odyssey and Patton were shot here.

FORT APACHE Indeed there is a scene as Fort Apache, but in reality, it is only meant to be a scene, as it has never been used in a film.

SALOON Any cowboy film that appreciates itself has a Saloon, where they play poker and drink whiskey and where during the fights the furniture is broken and they jump through the windows.

THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE The Sheriff’s office should not miss, with jails for the prisoners, who bandits always want to free.

GALLOW Rarely are the lynching and executions in the cowboy movies performed, since it is almost always “the good guy” who at the last moment knows to avoid them.

BANK The scenes of bank robberies are mostly the most spectacular scenes, because the “bad guys” are always very bad.

CHURCH With respect to the robberies and the shooting, the church is without doubt a place of peace, where the priest leads the believers along the right path. In the cowboy films every Sunday almost all the inhabitants went to church.

SCHOOL The school is not exactly one of the most frequently used decors in cowboy films as there are hardly any children appearing in this kind of films.

You can also enjoy the Animal Reserve, with more than 170 species of animals originating from different continents and specialized in savage habitats, especially in the African Savanna. You should also visit the section where you can see the tigers, pumas and cheetahs… you can also enjoy the Footprint Museum, the Reptilarium, the Crocodile Pond, the birds in their cages, the predators, the petting zoo and the Parrots Show. Neither should you miss the Cactus Garden with more than 300 species.

Please note that

Exceptionally, the itinerary and the order of the excursions could be altered and modified for organizational reasons. Note. In order to confirm the departure from Almerimar, a minimum number of participants is required. In case we cannot form the group, you must come to Roquetas de Mar or your booking might be canceled and we will proceed on refunding. The accompanying guide will be available only during the bus ride. The visit to the Oasys – Mini Hollywood is at your leisure, without a guide.

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