Excursion to the Aquarium of Roquetas


Excursion to the Aquarium of Roquetas



SPAIN, Roquetas de Mar

Returning City

SPAIN, Roquetas de Mar

Number of HOURS

4 h aprox.

Meeting point

Hotel or place agreed with clients

PRICE in Euros


Description: Excursion to the Aquarium of Roquetas

An excursion to the Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar with Pepe Tours. The entrance to the Aquarium, as well as the transfer to and from the hotels, are included in the price.

Departure at the indicated time from Roquetas de Mar with destination Aquarium van Roquetas de Mar. Following the Cycle of the Water we will get to know different maritime areas. After the visit we will return towards the hotels. Arrival at Roquetas de Mar and the end of our service.

Departure days:

Please check availability

The excursion to the Aquarium includes:

– Transportation by modern coach with air conditioning and reclining seats
– Escort guide service during the transfer
– Entrance to the Aquarium and free time for the visit
– Travelers insurance

Price details

 ADULTfrom 72 €
CHILD (3 – 11 years)from 18 €

Dive into an exciting world where young and old can enjoy the company of these amazing and unknown marine animals.

The Aquarium Roquetas de Mar offers the whole family the possibility to discover a place full of relaxation, recreation and education, focused on marine environment. The Aquarium has a surface of more than 3.000 m2 and 2 million litres of water, distributed over the different aquariums, of which the Oceanarium uses 1 million litres. This makes the Aquarium the largest of Andalusia.

Discover the most fascinating of submarine life. 

In the Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar you can see sharks, impressive piranhas, sympathetic colourful fishes and animals that look like plants. An unknown life…. during the visit you will pass through different rooms that simulate the water cycle in nature.

1* Mountains, subterranean water and tropical river:

Big and small rivers, they all rise in little creeks and waterfalls, where we can find a large diversity of colourful fishes. The small creeks grow, and they melt together in little rivers, that can develop into rivers as large as the Amazon. The Amazon River, nowadays considered to be the largest river in the world, and the surrounding jungle, are imitated in our aquarium by a tank with more than 100.000 litres of water. This shows us how the feared piranhas pacu evolve in their own habitat, the big ones sipping algae and a wide range of cichlids (small fish) originally from BrazilPeru and Colombia.

2* Tropical seas

The tropical seas are situated between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn, where the water is characterized by a high degree of clarity, an average temperature of more than 23 degrees Celsius and the large solar radiation it receives. Because of the typical conditions, coral reefs can develop where a large variety of fish and corals live. Unique ecosystems, where many animal species can be discovered. In the Aquarium Roquetas de Mar we can see clownfish, surgeonfish, pufferfish, butterflyfish…a true symphony of colours and forms from exotic places such as the Red SeaMaldives or the famous Seychelles.

3* Seas and oceans

Seventy percent of the earth surface is covered with water, of which the larger part belongs to the oceans. Oceans are surfaces similar to or larger than a continent. Seas have a smaller surface. Oceans play an important role in climate and weather. Water is heated by the sun and distributed all over the world through the gulf streams. The maritime ecosystem is the largest existing ecosystem of the world, with abundant life. From the coast to large sea depths, the ocean shows a great richness in biological diversity. In the Ocean of the Aquarium we will find algae, marine sponges, molluscs, shellfish and marine mammals.

4* Mediterranean Sea

In the “Sala Mediterraneo” (the hall of the Mediterranean Sea) we can have a look at different ecosystems which can be distinguished very well through their flora and fauna, representative for the Mediterranean Sea, considered to be the largest inner sea in the world. In the Aquarium Roquetas de Mar we can enjoy a scenario where the leading actor is the so-called Oceanic Posidonia, a plant with roots, stems and leaves, and which flourish in autumn and which fruit is called sea-olives. Between the leaves of the plants live many different fishshellfish and molluscs.

In this aquarium we can see, amongst others, mackerel, different kinds of seabreammunkfishneedlefishsargobogue……starfishshellsand hermit crab. Apart from the sandy soils with a dominance of Posidonia, large rock-formations can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, where conger and Moray eel are most respected by other fish. Apart from all these species of fish there is a tank, where the grouper is the star. This variety, very much depleted and persecuted by fishermen, feels at home here, and lives together with sargoseabreampagrus and other bass-like fish….


* Pepe Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary and the order of the excursions for organizational reasons.

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