The best trips to Portugal and Morocco departing from Andalusia. Below, you will find a list of tours to Morocco and packages to Portugal departing from the capital of Andalusia, Seville. We have varied tourist packages that fit all your needs.

Depending on the number of days you have, you can find from short trips to Portugal and Morocco of 3 or 5 days, to combined packages that include the visit of several countries, tours of up to 14 or 18 days visiting the most beautiful places on the Peninsula Iberian and North Africa. In addition, there is a wide variety of trips to Morocco and Portugal for all budgets, from cheap tours to Spain to all-inclusive packages.

Accompanied by expert English-speaking tour guides you can visit the main cities of Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Fátima or Morocco: Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez ... You will find from short trips, which include the essential visits in Portugal (Belem Tower in Lisbon, Monastery of Fátima, port wineries) and the essentials of Morocco (Marrakech souk, Fez medina, Casablanca Mosque) ... to more complete trips to know other attractions such as the Algarve of Portugal, Bom Jesus Monastery in Braga, Coimbra Cathedral in Portugal, or the Sahara Desert, the towns of the North of the Rif, the Imperial cities Rabat and Meknés in Morocco among others ...

Tour packages start in Seville and end either in Seville or Madrid. However, you can join the tour (or leave the trip) where it suits you best, to be able to link with another tour or return to your country from the airport that interests you the most.

And as always, our travel consultants will always be at your disposal to help you find the tour you want to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us via phone, WhatsApp or e-mail.

Travel to southern Spain, Costa del Sol, Alhambra in Granada and Toledo from Seville.

Andalusia & southern Spain 6 days from Seville

6 days from 720,00 

Escorted coach holiday to visit the best of the southern Spain with English speaking guides from Seville to Madrid. Travel by modern coach to visit Seville, the capital of Andalusia, the Jewish quarter & the beautiful Mosque in Cordoba, Ronda & the white washed villages, Marbella & Costa del Sol, Alhambra Palace in Granada with tickest included and also the Imperial city of Toledo. This tour ends in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Best deal to visit the highlights of Andalusia.

Packages to Spain, Portugal and Morocco from Seville with English speaking guides

Escorted Great tour of Portugal & Spain (18 days) from Seville

18 days from 2.615,00 

The most complete coach holiday to Spain and Portugal from Seville with English speaking guides. Marvel with the Moorish Legacy in Andalusia visitting Seville, the biggest city of the southern Spain and the unique Alhambra Palace in Granada, explore Valencia and the cosmopolitan Barcelona, capital of Catalunya, then travel through the beautiful landscapes of Galicia and Northern Spain, and finally discover the highlights of Portugal: Lisbon, Evora, Fatima, Porto & Braga.

Travel packages to Portugal, Northern Spain, Andalusia and Morocco from Seville.

Escorted Great tour of Portugal & Spain (14 days) from Seville

14 days from 1.850,00 

Travel from Seville to Granada to visit the Alhambra Palace, get to know the Capitals of the Mediterranean Coast (Valencia and its breathtaking City of Arts and Sciences and Barcelona, capital of Catalonia), then discover the stunning landscapes of northern Spain travelling from the Basque country till Galicia along the Green Spain to finally visit the northern Portugal and Salamanca before arriving to Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Travel to southern Spain, Andalusia and Morocco from Seville with transport, hotels and guides included.

Visit Morocco & highlights of Andalusia from Seville

12 days from 1.365,00 

Discover the best of Spain and Morocco with this fantastic coach holiday from Seville to Andalusia and Morocco with English speaking guides. Escorted tour in Spain and Morocco to visit the most emblematic places and monuments that left us the Muslim civilization in Europe and North Africa. Get to know the Jewels of Andalusia (Granada, Seville, Cordoba) and the aroma, fragrance and the arabic atmosphere of Marrakech, Fez or Casablanca.

Packages to the south of Spain and Morocco departing from Seville. Tours to Morocco from Seville.

Escorted tour to Andalusia and Morocco (10 days) from Seville

10 days from 1.350,00 

Coach holiday to Andalusia & Northern Morocco from Seville with English speaking guides. Discover the best of the moorish culture in southern Spain, the bijou city of Seville, capital of southern Spain, visit the Alhambra Palace in Granada, discover Cordoba, former capital of the Umayyad Caliphate and then travel to the Imperial Cities from Northern Morocco: Fez and its labyrinthine Medina, Meknes, located in the heart of the Middle Atlas or Rabat, capital of Morocco.

Coach tour to Valencia, Barcelona and the Alhambra in Granada from Seville.

Escorted Tour to Andalusia & Mediterranean Coast (9 days) from Seville

9 days from 1.090,00 

A complete coach holiday from Seville to Southern Spain & Barcelona to visit the Jewels of Andalusia (Seville with its Cathedral, the largest Gothic temple in the world, Cordoba, once the capital of the Moorish Caliphate, the glamorous Marbella, one of the most exclusive resorts of the Mediterranean, Granada and the Alhambra Palace) and the Capitals of the Mediterranean Coast (Valencia and its breathtaking City of Arts and Sciences and Barcelona, capital of Catalonia). Then travel from Barcelona to Madrid, the capital of Spain.

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