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在这个领域告诉我们你感兴趣的旅游,任何疑问或疑问,以便我们能帮助你。我们将尽快与您联系 - Tell us in this field the tour of your interest, any doubt or query so that we can help you. We will contact you as soon as possible.
法律声明 - Legal notice | 隐私和数据保护政策。 - Privacy and data protection policy.
负责任的。Pepe Tours SL. 地址:Avda. De Las Gaviotas nº 66, 04740 Andalusía(西班牙)。通信的目的。全面管理与我们客户的关系。任务的接受者。那些合法成立的。权利的行使。访问、纠正、禁止、反对、限制处理和可移植性,可通过负责任的邮政地址或通过电子邮件至 info@pepetours.com。如果您认为有必要,您也有权向AEPD提出索赔。保护:在关系持续的时候,留下合法的处方和索赔可能的责任安全。更多信息:在info@pepetours.com 或在我们的办公室。 - RESPONSIBLE: Pepe Tours SL. With ADDRESS at Avda. De Las Gaviotas nº 66, 04740 Andalusía(Spain). PURPOSE of communications: Comprehensive management of relationships with our clients. RECIPIENTS OF ASSIGNMENTS: Those legally established. EXERCISE OF RIGHTS: Access, Rectification, Suppression, Opposition, Limitation of treatment and Portability, at the postal address of the Responsible or by Email to info@pepetours.com. If you consider it necessary, you also have the right to file a claim with the AEPD. CONSERVATION: While the relationship lasts, leaving the legal prescription and claiming of possible responsibilities safe. MORE INFORMATION: At info@pepetours.com or at our offices.
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